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Ellis Amdur Sensei

Aikijo Seminar with Ellis Amdur Sensei

Please join us on Saturday July 15th for a One Day AIKIJO Seminar with Ellis Amdur Sensei


The focus of the seminar will be AIKIJO kata and application to taijutsu. 

Ellis Amdur has been training in martial arts for over fifty-five years, thirteen years in Japan. He is ...

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Mary Heiny 7th Dan

Mary Heiny, 7th Dan

Mary Heiny, 7th Dan - Seminar

Baltimore Aikido

NOVEMBER 3–5, 2023

Please join us for a weekend of in-person training with Mary Heiny sensei. 

For more than fifty years, Mary Heiny sensei has followed a path of physical and spiritual inspiration as ...

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Bringing Saotome Sensei's Legacy Forward

Aikido is Budo: Weapons training in Aikido

Online Event

William Gleaons, 7th Dan

William Gleaons, 7th Dan

William Gleason, 7th Dan - Online Event

Baltimore Aikido

Saturday, December 12, 2020

William Gleason explains how to use the sounds of Kototama in the practice of Aikido.

Aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei described the discipline as one spirit, four souls, three origins, and eight ...

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