August 8, 2015

at Baltimore Aikido

Saturday 12:30–5:30 p.m.

Cost: $80


Head Instructor, Systema Philadelphia

Please join us for a special one-day seminar with guest instructor Andrey Patenko.

Andrey will be covering practical body weight exercises for martial arts training and their application to real-world combat. The class will be divided into two parts. The first half will cover the exercises and how to do them correctly for maximum benefit. Then Andrey will show how to apply the exercises to hand-to-hand training and self-defense.

About Andrey: Andrey Patenko holds a B.A. degree in Physical Culture & Sport. He is a former Russian SPETSNAZ, certified Russian Martial Art Systema instructor, and RKC-level 2 Strong First Level-2 kettlebell instructor, with over twenty-five years of martial arts experience. Andrey was an officer for the Regional Central Police Department (Russia), responsible for combat and firearms training, and has worked as  a VIP bodyguard in the private security service. He is owner of Profrom Fitness LLC located in North Wales, PA. His expertise is in the fields of strength and combat conditioning and self-defense.