Ellis Amdur Sensei

Please join us on Saturday July 15th for a One Day AIKIJO Seminar with Ellis Amdur Sensei


The focus of the seminar will be AIKIJO kata and application to taijutsu. 

Ellis Amdur has been training in martial arts for over fifty-five years, thirteen years in Japan. He is a shihan (licensed instructor) in two traditional Japanese martial arts: Araki-ryu & Tenshin Buko-ryu. He also trained for various periods of time in : Judo, Muay Thai, BJJ, and xingyiquan. In the last decade, he has focused on Arrestling, a mixed martial art for law enforcement, as well as a focus on principle based training regarding coordination of the body, often referred to as internal strength. 

He began training aikido in 1973, with Terry Dobson, Yoshio Kuroiwa and Yasunori Kuwamori, and to this day, he works with various aikido dojo, offering his unique take on the art. 

He has specialized in the integration of classical martial traditions into modern life, particulary in the field of crises intervention, publishing three books on Japanese martial arts, as well as nineteen books some written with subject matter expert co-authors, concerning communication with individuals struggling with mental illness and verbal de-escaltion of aggresstion. He has also published four works of fiction two novels and one graphic novel, within all of which martial arts themes play a part.